surfacing (2021)


The theme for this project at LSA was ‘Surfacing’. I used windows as my subject as I had continuously photographed them during the Covid lockdowns in 2020. They also tied into the theme by being a membrane, or surface, that separates the inside from the outside. I also thought it was apt for that time, confined within walls and looking at the world through a window.

During this project, I experimented a lot with collage and began integrating found objects into my work. This practice developed the idea of crossing the threshold between inside and outside. To outline this dualism, I created compositions by combining two photos that spoke to each other. 

Building this interior/exterior idea, I found an excuse to incorporate my fascination with Land Art into the project. I used sunlight to recreate my images with cyanotype paper and left canvases outside for a few weeks covered with watercolour and ink for the rain and snow to dilute. 

Artist’s I referenced during this project were Peter Doig, Prunella Clough, Marcus Muirson, Jered Sprecher and Amy Sillman.